Hydraulic Flow Controller

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STB seriesG1/2 Bi-Directional flow restrictor hydraulic valve Carbon steel flow control valve for hydraulic

Non-return valve, also called check valve, is used in hydraulic system to control the flow and cutoff of oil.
    If the oil inlet and outlet of a straight through non-return valve are in a axial direction, the valve may be connected directly to the system pipe via threaded pipe fittings.
    The opening pressure of non-return valve may be either 0.04MPa or 0.4MPa. The former is normally used in pressure pipes to prevent oil from flowing in reverse direction, while the latter may be normally used as a back pressure valve.
     A non-return valve may be used in parallel with overflow valve, relief valve, sequence valve, throttle valve and speed control valve and so to form non-return overflow valve, non-return relief valve, non-return sequence valve, non-return throttle valve, non-return speed control valve and so on.




50 LPM