Seaflo 100Lt ATV Sprayer 12V

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Experience the ultimate in spraying convenience with the Seaflo 100Lt ATV Sprayer 12V. This high-performance sprayer is designed to elevate your agricultural tasks, offering precision and efficiency like never before.

Key Features:

  • Interlink Chassis: Built for durability and stability, ensuring reliable performance in rugged environments.

  • 100 Litre Tank: Generous capacity for extended spraying sessions, minimizing downtime for refills.

  • Seaflo 12V Pump: Engineered for powerful and consistent spraying, providing optimal coverage with every application.

  • Seaflo Spray Lance: Delivers targeted spraying with precision, ensuring effective treatment of desired areas.

  • Pressure Regulator: Maintains optimal pressure for consistent spray patterns and efficient distribution of liquid solutions.

  • Suction Filter: Prevents debris from entering the pump, prolonging its lifespan and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

  • Sprayer Tube: Facilitates seamless flow of liquid from the tank to the nozzle, maximizing efficiency.

  • Non-Drip Filters: Minimize wastage and ensure clean, drip-free operation, maintaining a tidy work environment.
  • Jet Filters: Enhance spray quality by filtering out impurities, delivering a smooth and uniform application.

  • Hose Reel with 20 M Hose: Provides ample reach for versatile spraying, covering large areas with ease.

  • Stand Boom 3 Nozzle Tube: Offers customizable spraying options, adapting to different terrain and crop types.

  • Boom Upgrade 2 Nozzle Boom with O/C Jets and Double Swivels: Further enhances versatility and precision, allowing for tailored spraying configurations.


Elevate your spraying capabilities with the Seaflo 100Lt ATV Sprayer 12V. Designed to meet the demands of modern agriculture, it's your ultimate solution for efficient and effective spraying tasks.


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